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How to fix laptop / computer / PC is slow to be fast. Laptops and Computers are slow or slow is a big problem in the morning users. How not, with a computer / laptop is slow, sometimes open the startup just run very slow, open windows explorer just ngehang and not responding. In addition, many more problems caused by laptops / computers are slow. No matter that windows xp, windows 7, windows 8 or windows latest that is windows 10, will definitely experience this sluggish problem. How to speed up slow slow laptop / computer slow.

Problems laptops and slow computer this can cause psychological disturbance in the user. Certainly users will be stressed and often angry like a woman who is coming months. If forwarded of course this will be dangerous. hehe

To prevent this, in this post I will tell you all how to fix or overcome the laptop / computer is slow, slow, slow to play back. The following will be explained from the start causes the laptop / computer slow to how to overcome them. The way I will present this is very complete. If you can do some, speed laptop / computer buddy will increase. A little even drastic.

Note: This method can be practiced in any Windows OS such as Windows XP, 7, 8, even 10. How to Speed up slow slow laptop slow.
#1 Too Many Programs / Applications are installed

New computers / laptops are usually already filled with a lot of programs that never my friend use. Even my friend may not know if it turns out the program / application is there. Some programs even run behind the screen when you use a laptop / computer, even if you do not use the application. An example is Antivirus applications.

In addition, if my friend often surf the internet and download applications, especially pirated applications, sometimes the application also brings new applications that come installed. For example when I install the CamStudio app, it turns out there are some applications that I do not know, come attached to my laptop. This certainly causes the performance of laptop / computer to be not good so there was a laptop / computer slow.

The solution to this problem is, by uninstalling or uninstalling the already installed programs. The trick please click Start and select Control Panel. If you are using Windows 8/10, to access Control Panel please right click on desktop and choose Personalize. Then click Control Panel Home.
How to Fix Laptop / Computer That Lemot For Quick.

Make sure the view by selected Category. After that look on the bottom left, click on the article Uninstall a program. It will show a list of installed applications.

how to uninstall the program so that laptop computer is not slow

Click the Install menu, then this application will line up in accordance with the date of installation. Apps that are in the top row is a recently installed app. Try my friend see the application, do you feel ever installed the application? if not then please click on the application, right click and select uninstall.

There are also useful applications to uninstall / uninstall programs until rooted. This app is called Revo Uninstaller Pro. Please look it up on google if curious. Oh yes, this app is a paid app, but you can try the trial version for a few days.

#2 Running More Than One Application Simultaneously

Windows is designed to perform multitasking activities. Multitasking is working on more than one activity simultaneously. Logically, if doing 2 aktitas simultaneously then we will not be maximal, energy and concentration will be divided into two. So is the laptop / computer. If my friend tried to open the application Micorosoft Powerpoint, Adobe Photoshop, Mozilla Firefox while watching the movie then obviously the PC becomes slow, unless your PC has a high specification.

How to solve this problem of course by using the program as necessary only. Close programs that are not being used.

#3 Many Temporary Stored Files

When a computer runs a program, accesses web pages, etc., temporary file files are created and stored on the hard drive. Long time this file will accumulate and make avalaibel space on the hard disk is reduced. Deleting temporary files including browser history and cookies, can make the space on the hard drive become looser and the PC becomes faster.

How to delete temporary files can by using Windows Disk CleanUp. The trick please click Start> Run. Can also press the keyboard combination of Windows Key + R. Windows Key is a button with a window image, located to the left of the bottom of the keyboard.

After the Run window opens, type cleanmgr. Then Ok. Wait a minute, windows will analyze how many files can be deleted. Wait until the following window appears

Choose wherever you want to delete. In this example I will delete everything so I checked everything. Click OK and wait for the deletion process to complete.

In addition to using Disk Cleanup, you can also delete temporary files manually. To manually delete temporary files, open Windows Explorer and go to Drive C. Select Windows Folder> Temp. Delete all the files that are in the Temp folder. After that make sure my friend open the Recycle Bin, right click and select Empty Recycle Bin.

#4 Too many files on the hard drive

Although it has deleted temporary files, will not give a big effect if it turns out your hard drive contains a lot of files so that the capacity to stay a little. If avalaible space on your hard drive is left less than 3gb then obviously the computer performance will decrease even slowly. This happens on my laptop, a lot of important file files that make my hard drive almost full.

How to solve this problem there 3. The first by deleting the file. Try searching for useless large files, or duplicate files (2 same files), then delete. If all files are important and you do not have the heart to delete them, try compressed using a compressor app like Winrar (paid) or I recommend 7zip (free). This software will reduce the size of the file.

Indeed there are more extreme applications that are KGB Archiver. Many say that this application can compress 1GB file to 1MB. Yet it is bad! do not believe this. I've tried it but the file is only reduced 1mb. Eg file 126mb to 125mb. This app also has many bugs / annoyances. One of them is sometimes there are files that have been compressed, when you want to use again can not / corrupt. No wonder if the development of this application has been discontinued.

The third way is to move important file files on your laptop / computer to a usb drive like a flash, or even an external hard drive. In this way, my friend should not be afraid to lose the file. But my friend also must buy a flash.

#5 Remove Unnecessary StartUp

When turning on the computer / laptop and entering the desktop screen, there are several programs that run automatically. If this program runs too much, it will cause your PC startup to be sluggish.

how to startup laptop computer fast

How to get a fast laptop computer startup of course by activating the application application that runs automatically. How, click Start and select Run. Can also with the Windows Key + R. Type msconfig then enter. Select the Startup tab. Uncheck unwanted apps. If you want to remove everything, please click Disable All. Next OK.
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#6 Harddisk has never been on Defrag

Defragment can make damaged file file in hardisk become good and neat. To pass defragment, open Windows Explorer. Right-click on the Drive you want to defrag. For example right click on drive C. Select Properties then click Tools. Select Defragment Now and click Defragment Disk.

Exposed to Virus / Malware

Viruses can also cause the performance of laptops / computers to decline. I often experience this especially when surfing the internet using a browser. At that time I did not install antivirus, so a virus like adware (a virus that displays unwanted ad ads) is very easy to get into my laptop. Because this virus always displays ads on every web page, no wonder the PC becomes slow.

The fix is to install a reliable and reliable antivirus. Or use premium antivirus for more protection. Be careful also when downloading files on the internet especially suspicious file files such as crack.

#8 Lots of Dust

Do not assume that hardware cleanliness has nothing to do with performance. If the laptop / computer is dirty and dusty friend, especially if the dust into the fan, can cause the laptop to work harder. Because it works harder, of course the performance of laptop / computer becomes slower.

Not enough Computer / Laptop specifications

As a computer / laptop user, we must know ourselves. When your laptop is a laptop output in 2004 and my friend use it to play video effects with Adobe After Effect, of course, the performance of the laptop will be slow. This is due to inadequate specifications. Each application must have its own specifications. Therefore before buying or downloading software / games, be sure to see the specifications first.

#10 Laptop / Computer is old

The older, the performance of laptop / computer will decrease. The performance of a 7-year-old laptop is clearly different from the newly purchased laptop. The solution? of course by buying a new laptop / computer. Or it could be by replacing the hardware.

    how to speed up a slow slow laptop computer slow

    The way I have given above such as uninstalling applications, cleaning temporary files, etc. certainly takes a lot of time if done manually. That's why to shorten the time, my friend can use a special application to speed up the performance of laptop / computer. This application is named Baidu PC Faster.

    With this application, my friend can clean garbage bins in PC with just one click. There is a special uninstaller app that will uninstall the program / application right down to its root. There are apps for disabling startup items, apps to fix internet connections, wifi-making apps, and so on.

    This app will remind you buddy if it's time to clean up the trash. Anyway if my friend does not want to use the manual way, my friend can use this versatile application.

    Last Solution for Speeding up Laptop / Computer

    If all the solutions I provide are useless and do not give effect, or less maximal, then my friend can try the last step. What is the last step to speed up computer / laptop? The answer is with Reinstall.

    Backup all the important files that are in drive C. Then reinstall your computer. I recommend installing windows 8 because this windows has a fast startup. The disadvantage is, sometimes there are problems especially compatibility issues. If you want to stable, better to use windows 7. For windows 10 I do not recommend it because it is still in development / beta. Of course there will be more problems later on.
    If after re-installed it is still slow, please Buy Laptop / New Computer
    What Again?
    After reading this article, my friend can also read articles about computers such as How to Prevent Computer Viruses, How to Make Computers Can Talk, and How To Keep Laptops Not Hot Fast.


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